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Consultancy and Wine Service
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As per international requirements, all certification exams are ordered 15 business days before the exam date. If you register less than three weeks before the course starts, you may not be able to take the exam offered. Alternative exam dates will be available. Same applies to book deliveries. Online books in English can be submitted instead or in addition. Subject to late fees and other fees.


Wine and drinks in general represent a very important percentage of the revenue of any food outlet, specially for restaurants and wine-bars. In a society where gastronomy is playing an ever growing role, a well managed wine program not only offers an added value to any restaurant, hotel and winebar but a considerable source of income.


Private cellar plans We can help with rationalising an existing wine cellar, help create a bespoke cellar or a combination of the two. In our experience, far too many people with extensive or even medium-sized wine cellars find that they can't keep track of what do drink when and many of their wines 'fall off the cliff' before they have a chance to enjoy them in their prime.
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