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Intermediate Level

Course Details

Duration: Classroom: 5 hours. Online ZOOM: 5 hours.

Sensory Training Programmes

The Aroma Academy Training Programmes are based on the development of Sensory Skills with a particular focus on Aroma Recognition Skills.

They provide the key practical Sensory Skills, together with the background theory, to allow participants to be able to detect, identify and articulate the aromas and flavours of the finished product.

Both generic and category-specific programmes are available. As an example, the Drinks Sensory Training courses cover specific categories - for professionals and enthusiast customers alike - with the development of Aroma Recognition skills as the fundamental foundation of Wine training, Whisky (and Whiskey) training, Gin training, Beer training, Bourbon training and Rum training.

What's Covered

The Intermediate Level - builds on the foundation of Phase 1, providing more depth and detail regarding the aromas/flavours, their sources (including some chemistry) and how this affects the aroma/flavour profiles.

You learn more about the subtle nuances of the subcategories of aroma families, and how to build this knowledge into a more useful identification pathway. Articulation of Flavour profiles is also covered together with a review of typical Aroma/Flavour Faults and their sources.

There is an optional assessment at the end of the programme. This course is suitable for the enthusiast connoisseur and for all levels of the drinks, food and hospitality industries.

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