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Duration: 3.5 hours

Designed for wine professionals & enthusiasts alike, this course offers intermediate-level study material that has been reviewed and approved by the Regulatory Council of Jerez. Led by renowned expert Christian Esser, Certified Sherry Educator, you’ll explore the history, geography, viticulture, wine-making and styles of sherry wines. You’ll also taste 9 different sherries and discuss food pairings and best practices for service, preparing you to take Sherry certification test that day.

Certified Sherry Educator, Christian Esser, will guide you through the history, geography, viticulture and styles of sherry wines. Along the way you’ll discuss food pairings and service best practice, tasting 9 different sherries, in preparation for the final certification test later in the day.

The course is crafted for both the wine professional and enthusiast alike, offering Regulatory Council of Jerez approved study material aimed at an intermediate level.

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