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  • Cost: $175.00/PP
  • Duration: In-Person or ZOOM: 2 hours

Begin to get to grips with Bordeaux as we guide you through the region, talking about its sub-regions, history, and most significant wines. After a sparkling apéritif, you will try one of the region’s lesser-known styles and some entry-level Clarets, moving on to taste a flight of wines from famous names. Each glass will represent a famous commune in Bordeaux, helping you to pin down the characteristics that typify each area. Comparing and contrasting the flavors and aromas in front of you, armed with new knowledge, you will be sure to leave with a firmer grasp of the lie of Bordeaux’s land.

What's Included

  • Complimentary cocktail upon arrival
  • All staff, barware, glassware, and  9 wines.
  • Charcuterie

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