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Californian Cult Wines
  • Cost: $300.00/PP
  • Duration: In-Person or ZOOM: 2 hours

High demand makes a wine a "cult." Typically, that demand is generated by high quality (created by famous winemakers, authenticated by excellent reviews and high ratings), amplified by scarcity (many "cult" wines are produced in quantities of only a few hundred cases), and results in extremely high prices, usually manifested in auction-market trading. Sin Qua Non has all these factors in spades, but there are dozens of other wines, mostly Napa Cabernets, which have arguably joined it in the rarified air of cult wines. Includes Scarecrow, Bryant, Colgin, Peter Micheal, Kongraad, Sin Qua Non & many more

What's Included

  • Complimentary cocktail upon arrival
  • All staff, barware, glassware, and  5 wines.
  • Charcuterie 

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