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As per international requirements, all certification exams are ordered 15 business days before the exam date. If you register less than three weeks before the course starts, you may not be able to take the exam offered. Alternative exam dates will be available. Same applies to book deliveries. Online books in English can be submitted instead or in addition. Subject to late fees and other fees.

Wineschool3 Courses

START Certified Restaurant Server

Restaurant servers provide an all-around outstanding dining experience for guests by being personable, welcoming and accommodating. The Certified Restaurant Server (CRS) certification recognizes your high level of professionalism and the exceptional service you deliver to every guest.
Course Details
Classroom Cost:$195.00
Duration:Classroom: 6 hours 45minutes

Beer Sommelier

The Beer Sommelier provides information about the beer production process, the right choice of beer for the chosen dish, teaches the consumer in beer seminars and tastings to focus his senses on the pleasurable consumption of beer. He is also responsible for the quality of the beer served and for the perfect presentation of the beer to the guest.
Course Details
Classroom Cost:$299.00
Online Cost:$199.00
Duration:Classroom: 6 hours 45minutes. Online ZOOM: 6 hours 45minutes.

Sherry Expert

Designed for wine professionals & enthusiasts alike, this course offers intermediate-level study material that has been reviewed and approved by the Regulatory Council of Jerez. Led by renowned expert Christian Esser, Certified Sherry Educator, you’ll explore the history, geography, viticulture, wine-making, and styles of sherry wines. You’ll also taste 9 different sherries and discuss food pairings and best practices for service, preparing you to take the Sherry certification test that day.
Course Details
Classroom Cost:$299.00
Online Cost:$299.00
Duration:Classroom: 4hours. Online ZOOM: 4 hours.
Course Details
Duration:5 hours